The Big “C”

 – A lenten blog for young adults Commitment is something that we don’t always think about, yet is something we all face. When we think of the word commitment it is fair to say that many things come to our mind. As a young adult/college student this word can be very scary. The word commitment seems long term, forever and … Read More

TiffanyThe Big “C”

Becoming small…

5…4…3…2..1..Ding! The bell rang and every able-bodied boy darted out of class and to the parking lot. There was a limited amount of time allotted for lunch, and that time seemingly shrunk if you were a senior. One of the longest standing traditions at my high school was off-campus lunch for seniors. If you wanted to go to one of … Read More

TiffanyBecoming small…

Journey to Jerusalem: Lenten Study

Journey to Jerusalem is a bound, 30-page journey through Lent, including daily reflections, scriptures and suggestions for your prayer, as well as a “how to” guide with specific tips on how to pray with the resource. Great for your own personal reflection or as a group.

TiffanyJourney to Jerusalem: Lenten Study

Evangelization: Invited into Relationship

Have you ever found yourself in a conversation that you know will haunt you long after the conversation is over? This weekend I found myself in one of those conversations. I was out for lunch with my Pastor and a friend.  We were enjoying our appetizers and some conversation on evangelizing the “young church” when we figured we should get … Read More

TiffanyEvangelization: Invited into Relationship


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Advent Tour


TiffanyAdvent Tour