#lifeofjoy – Cana Hickman

My name is Cana, and for the next week I’m going to be sharing with all of you a little of what makes up my #lifeofjoy.I am wife to an incredible man of God, and mother to seven beautiful children. It’s not glamorous. Most days are full to the brim of circumstances over which I have no control. Children get … Read More

admin#lifeofjoy – Cana Hickman

#lifeofjoy – Cana Hickman

  It’s the one and only @canahickman’s turn to share her #lifeofjoy! Prepare yourself for a fun week because there’s never a dull moment with this mom of 7!

admin#lifeofjoy – Cana Hickman

#lifeofjoy – Nic Frank

  Well, sadly this is my last post on the adore account (I think?)… And I want to end on a strong note. So it’s my privilege to share with yall a little bit about our biggest supporter and intercessor for our Rockford Outreach, my bride and best friend, @carolynfrankers. Carolyn have known each other since high school, instant best … Read More

admin#lifeofjoy – Nic Frank

#lifeofjoy – Nic Frank

  This is my Monday afternoon. Every Monday I invite teens to Culver’s (a fast food restaurant) for some food and a chance to connect at the beginning of their week. A few months ago I was taking with some other adore missionaries, @baumlife and @baumwife, about making discipleship the primary goal of our outreach and throughout the conversation it … Read More

admin#lifeofjoy – Nic Frank

“I’m sorry, BUT…”

by Sara Alexander “I’m sorry, BUT….” If my husband never heard these words come out my mouth again, it would be too soon.  You see, if I want to drive him absolutely bonkers when we are arguing discussing marital differences, I spout out “I’m sorry, but…”  Then I proceed to excuse myself from my wrongful behavior, assuming that even if … Read More

Emily“I’m sorry, BUT…”

We are All Beggars

by Brittany Guess Today I met a friend at Chipotle for lunch. We drove separately so once we were finished we parted ways. He went to the restroom and I walked out to my car to drive home. As I walked out of Chipotle, a woman and a man stopped me. They were perched on either side of the door,  … Read More

EmilyWe are All Beggars

The Lesson Kate Taught Me

by Megan Baum When Paul and I moved to Portsmouth, Ohio, last October to begin serving as Adore missionaries, we made this decision with the recognition that we would be moving away from our families, an incredible community of friends, and the city that we both had lived in for our whole lives to live in a town where we … Read More

EmilyThe Lesson Kate Taught Me

Those Who Dare

  by Brittany Guess There is something ridiculous that I can’t get off my mind: a few days ago I was flipping through a magazine and passed a picture of perfume called “Dare.” My exact thought: “I would LOVE to wake up and spray something called ‘Dare’ onto myself every day and see what my life is like.” I sat … Read More

EmilyThose Who Dare

Evangelii Gaudium Series 7

This semester, the most recent Evangelii Gaudium teachings will be temporarily available after the night it was given. At the end of the semester, the whole series will be available to purchase.   Matt Regitz @ Adore North  

EmilyEvangelii Gaudium Series 7