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What is the reason for the season?

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Do you have a Nativity scene set up in your home? We do. It’s our family tradition to set it up in the living room on the first Sunday of Advent. Together with hot chocolate and advent songs, this has become a highly anticipated Advent event for us. There is something funny about the common Nativity scenes though. I mean … Read More

ennieWhat is the reason for the season?

Advent Tour

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TiffanyAdvent Tour

Texas Forever


Texas Forever “Texas Forever,” the iconic line of Tim Riggins, a line from one of my new favorite TV series, Friday Night Lights.  It’s funny, because if you have ever had the pleasure of meeting someone from Texas, then its pretty clear that this line sums up their undying love for their great state.  Born and bred in Houston, this … Read More

TiffanyTexas Forever

Work in Progress

work in progress

Have you ever attempted a project and realized as you got half way into it that it was going to take longer than you expected. I’m horrible at this. I always start putting together toys for Christmas too late and come Christmas morning a wheel is missing from a bike or a leg is missing from a desk. Things that … Read More

TiffanyWork in Progress

More than a birdbath

bird bath

If you know me, you know that inside me lives a little Friar. With every decision that I make, I not only want to honor the Lord, but also, would like to fulfill it in the style and charism of St. Francis of Assisi. I first fell in love with Francis back in elementary school, studied him endlessly in college, … Read More

adminMore than a birdbath

According to our Gifts

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Often when running a giving campaign, you hear things from people like, “I’m sorry I could only give, $x, I would give more, but [insert life circumstance here.]” Or you’ll hear things like, “I gave the amount that was suggested, but you know, I could have given more. Maybe you should ask for higher amounts.” The truth of the matter … Read More

adminAccording to our Gifts

Bricks & Mortar Give-Away | "Bookends – the New Beginning"


We have put together a great new resource as a “perk” for giving to our Bricks & Mortar Campaign. Give “any amount” between now and Wednesday 9/21 and receive an audio download of Paul George’s latest talk – Bookends “The New Beginning,” plus a free study guide to go with it. Together, this audio resource and study guide will be … Read More

Tim LozanoBricks & Mortar Give-Away | "Bookends – the New Beginning"