What are the characteristics of a great talk or speech? A cool story? Great inflection by the presenter? Passionate loud speech? Or something else?

The Sermon on the Mount has often been called the greatest sermon ever preached. But what makes it so? Was it a cool story? A funny illustration? Or was it the content and authority of the preacher?Occupying three chapters in Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus lays out the fundamental teaching of what it means to be a true follower.

Join us this semester as we take a walk through the entire Sermon. Enter in with us as we become more than“hearers of this Word” and become “doers also”.

It's more than just a Good Talk.

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EmilyGood Talk Series

2 Comments on “Good Talk Series”

  1. Demari Perez

    Hi, I attended one of your youth group talks at Prince Of Peace Church and I had a blast! I enjoyed myself and I enjoyed listening to all of the songs, the stories and the scriptures. I am so interested in being more involved with that orginazation. If there is anything else coming up like that please let me know!

  2. Emily

    Hi Demari,
    Adore North Houston starts back up September 9! Watch our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/adoreministries) and our website for more info.

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