S oon after the founding of Adore Ministries in Houma, LA, Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast. Our missionaries and volunteers quickly mobilized to serve its victims.

Twelve years and many storms later, we find ourselves in the midst of another natural disaster. Many of our very own mission neighborhoods are suffering the most. Our heart has always been to serve the least and the suffering and right now, like many of you, we are restless to get to work. We call this Project Starfish, and are focusing on the immediate needs of those in our 10-foot radius.  Join us in prayer, through your financial gifts, and in service!

We've been here before. We are gonna make it. We have great hope that God works all things for good. Read more about the fruits of your generosity here.


 9611 Hillcroft St.
Houston, TX 77096
(832) 209-2190 ext. 1
Check donations can be mailed to:
Adore Ministries
P.O. Box 311016
Houston, TX 77231


Stay connected to Adore's relief effort: #projectstarfish #loveyourneighbor

EmilyHurricane Harvey Relief

36 Comments on “Hurricane Harvey Relief”

  1. Belen Loza

    We have a house by the Woodlands open to anyone who needs shelter! There are only like 2 bed and a blow up mattress but there’s a pull-out couch and other couches if needed

  2. Josh Applegate

    While I can’t be there the physically lend a hand – Know of our prayers from Colorado. I hope the funds donated can bring a small amount of relief to those the Lord will lead to your care (or just a few beers to enjoy after a hard days work). AMDG.

    – The Josh & Lisa Applegate Family
    Fort Collins, CO

      1. Josh Applegate

        Some of their neighborhood is flooded – but they sit on the high ground so they are hosting neighbors.

  3. Rob Montepare

    will they accept a container of palate of supplies? working on my neighborhood and local elementary school to work on shipping a few palates or a container depending on how much

    1. Emily

      Thanks John! We’ll be sending all volunteer communication through our volunteer sign up form so make sure you fill that out.

  4. Colby Jackson

    I’m helping coordinate efforts for the seminarians at St. Mary’s Seminary. Once the bayou drops down a bit and we’re able to get out of our area, we’ll have lots of hands ready to help on the ground.

  5. Lynn

    I have made monetary donations but I also have items I would like to donate. Is there anywhere I can get these out your way? I am in VA so if you know of anyone going out that way I can give to them.

    1. Emily

      Hi Lynn! Thank you! Not that we know of, but we’ll let you know if we here. This will be a long recovering process so the need will be for a while.

  6. Fabiola

    I live in the Galleria area. Let me know if there is anything I can help with. I have a small car (sedan 4 seats) but I can help move things/people around.

  7. Maria Gabriela Granados

    A friend of mine needs help cleaning her just drained apartment: 12633 Memorial Drive, #229, 77024. Please call before coming out: 832-525-9453. Thank you so much! God bless you!

  8. Justin

    I live in Albuquerque, NM, and it has been on my heart to come out and help, and if possible try to bring supplies. Are you accepting out-of-state help? Thank you!

  9. Michelle Bishop

    One of my guy friends and I would like to volunteer to help people clean out their houses. We both live near the Heights/Mem City/Spring Branch area.

    We can help on Saturday, Sept. 9.
    Please let me know where we can assist!

  10. Vicki Allen

    I am a youth minister in Sulphur Springs Texas and my kids want to DO something. We can pray and send a little money, but are open to suggestions. I know rebuilding is long term. Maybe this coming summer we could come lend a hand.

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