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Parish Work

Baptism Preparation–Taking seriously the words that Jesus Christ gave to his apostles before he ascended (Matthew 28:19), our Portsmouth missionaries prepare families for the baptism of their child.  The class begins with a meal together and ends by teaching them about the theology of baptism, how this sacrament changes our lives, and sharing with them the call of the Domestic Church.

Marriage Preparation–wanting all couples to know the beauty of the Sacrament of Marriage, the call to love each other freely, totally, faithfully and fruitfully, and the great mission entrusted to husbands and wives, our missionaries hold marriage preparation sessions to mentor engaged couples.  The discussion happens while sharing a meal together.

RCIA–Paul serves as the Director of RCIA for both parishes and walks with those who are interested in becoming members of the Catholic Church.

Youth Discipleship

Portsmouth Catholic Youth is our outreach for students in grades 6th-12th grade which includes youth group nights, small discipleship groups, individual mentorship, service, weekly Bible studies in the school, Confirmation preparation, conferences, trips and more.

Adore Nights

The Portsmouth Adore Nights are our cross-generational ministry that starts with a family style meal, drinks, and fellowship followed by worship and teaching with powerful worship and relevant talks that reach the heart and core of each individual.

College Outreach

Our Portsmouth missionaries run Shawnee State Catholic, an outreach at Shawnee State University, located in Portsmouth.  Through Shawnee State Catholic, they host bi-weekly teaching and prayer nights on campus, weekly Bible studies, Campus Family Dinner, and social nights.


Paul & Megan Baum

Paul and Megan have been involved in youth and young adult ministry for the past seven years and continue their work by serving the people of Portsmouth, Ohio. Paul works as the Director of Catechesis, Megan works as the Director of Evangelization, and their two little boys, Leo and Ignatius keep life interesting. With a yearning for all people to experience the authentic joy of a life of faith, Paul and Megan are excited to see what the Holy Spirit does in them through their work with Adore Ministries.

Tim LozanoPortsmouth, Ohio