Tell the people everything about this life – Acts 5:20

Cecilia, LA

Adore’s Outreach in Cecilia, Louisiana performs its ministry under the name Cecilia Catholic Youth (CCY).  CCY is a high school outreach effort to reach all teens within the Cecilia area, but specifically within the two local Catholic Churches: St. Joseph and St. Rose. The vision of CCY came straight from the pastor for both parishes, Fr. Michael Delcambre, as he saw the need to walk beside, and disciple, the youth of Cecilia. CCY offers many different opportunities for the youth to gather and to grow in their love and understanding of Christ and His teachings, including: Bible Studies, Formation Nights, Movie Nights, Retreats, Mission Trips, Service Opportunities and more!

The mission of CCY is o disciple teens into a deep and personal relationship with Christ, presenting the Truth of the Gospel, with authenticity and boldness, that will transform hearts and impact lives.

Youth Outreach

  • The Cecilia Outreach organizes a twice a month evangelistic teaching series which gives local high schoolers the opportunity to gather to have fun and break open the teachings of the Church.  The larger evagelistic nights are meant to draw teens into the smaller and more intentional “Re:NEW Groups.”  Re:NEW Groups are small discipleship groups which gather a handful of teens with an adult mentor to help provide guidance, accountability, and an authentic witness of our Catholic Faith (partnering withYDisciple).

The Gathering

  • The Gathering is a weekly dinner for high schoolers to come into a home and feel apart of a family.  It is especially difficult in Cecilia for families to gather together for meals due to some fathers working off shore to support their family, the high demand of high school sports, and the families that have been effected by divorce.  The evening is focused around prayer, community dinner, building community, and studying scripture.


  • There’s a high emphasis on meeting teens where they are and being present in their day to day activities.  The Cecilia Outreach makes every effort to have a high profile in the public schools: being on the sidelines during football games, in the dugouts during baseball season, in the school cafeteria during lunches, and even leading a bible study in the public school for those teens who can’t make evening events.
  • A big part of our outreach effort is training leaders within the local community to effectively meet and disciple teens into a relationship with Christ.  The outreach in Cecilia, although aimed at High School students, effects the entire community as more and more people are getting involved and as families are coming to know Jesus through their children.

For more information contact Nic Frank or visit

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