Tell the people everything about this life – Acts 5:20

Worship nights

The family in dire need

In an age where generations, races, and cultures have become more divided.  Adore’s heart is to reach the entire family of God.  Many of Adore’s outreaches consist of cross-generational ministry that reaches the whole family from young to old.  Through community nights, teachings, and worship events, we have seen entire families being transformed, sons, daughters, moms, dads, grandparents, priests, religious… all being transformed to live a life of worship.  In a world where family is being defined by media and a lost culture, where community is practically non-existent, Adore’s mission is that “all” people will worship/adore God with their entire lives and live in the freedom that He offers.


Worship and teaching series:

Adore’s worship and teaching series is an outreach to the larger community and city in which God has called us to.  The heart of the our Worship and Teaching series is to reach people and impact cities with the message of Jesus.  We accomplish this through powerful worship and relevant talks that reach the heart and core of each individual.

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