Tell the people everything about this life – Acts 5:20

Re: LIFE Series

This series has concluded in Houston. If you would like to purchase a USB with the audio from each night’s teachings and a bible study, please contact Emily at


Worship, simply defined, is a “natural response to something we value”. When we value something we give it worship. However, when we think about worship, we rarely think about something that we do constantly throughout the day. Rather, we think of Mass, an Adore night, or some other praise and worship concert. But what if worship was less of an event and more of a way of LIFE?

In this series titled “Re: LIFE” (regarding LIFE), we will seek to unpack the first letter of Peter to the early Church. If the Apostle Peter were living today we believe that he would have written these folks emails, and the subject line would be Re: LIFE. How does the Christian conduct himself daily? How are we to spend our money, plan our calendar, approach the government? These are all questions that first century Christians had, and questions that we ask ourselves still.

We hope you join us for this LIFE giving series.

Central Houston – September 4, October 2, November 6, and December 4 – 2013

Catholic Charismatic Center – 1949 Cullen Blvd. Houston, TX 77023

North Houston – September 11, October 9, November 13, December 11 – 2013

Prince of Peace Catholic Community  - 19222 Tomball Pkwy. Houston, TX 77070

Houma, LA – September 11, November 6

Houma Municipal Auditorium – 880 Verret St. Houma, LA 70360


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