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We are a community of Catholic lay missionaries, single men and women, married couples, and families, called by our Baptism to mission. We seek to love and walk with our neighbors, sharing the Gospel joyfully, living our faith, and growing in loving relationship with God and each other. We dedicate our lives to the Gospel and strive to live a life of simplicity, authenticity, and loving investment in communal life.


Adore Ministries is about giving people opportunities to encounter the person of Christ. While He walked the earth it looked like feeding the 5,000, healing the sick, and raising the dead. Today, these encounters continue through the ministry of Adore. From city-wide Adore worship nights and Steubenville conferences to intimate home gatherings and retreats, the Lord makes his healing, sustenance and new life available to us.


Adore Ministries believes that discipleship looks more like an adventure than a classroom. The roller coaster of life is often terrifying, but it’s a life of joy when it’s lived within community. Our missionaries, partners, and board members are not only disciple makers, but they themselves are being discipled in the ways of authenticity, hospitality, mercy, joy and freedom. Our weekly family dinners are central to this movement.


Adore Ministries believes that Jesus has a preference for the poor. The mission of Adore is to follow Jesus into the margins, to walk alongside the underserved and to those on the outside looking in. Through the hospitality of partnering parishes and the generosity of our donors, Adore missionaries are able to bring the love of Christ to people who otherwise would be left out.

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