People are slipping through the cracks. The needs of your parishioners, students, and neighborhood demand quality ministry and evangelization, and you desire this for them. Your current programs are bearing little to no fruit and there isn’t enough time, money, people or resources to complete all of your missional outreach goals.

We get it. We’ve been there too.

It’s time to begin a new path, one rooted in ancient traditions of our beautiful church, yet engaging to an ever changing world. Partner with Adore Ministries, and together let us begin to lay the foundation for a new way.

When you employ Adore Ministries, we will place a missionally formed domestic missionary in your parish, school, or neighborhood to provide quality outreach and faith formation. Our veteran staff will work alongside your missionary and your staff to enable the outreach and faith formation is bearing “fruit that remains.”

Adore is not an “in and out” mission. Our commitment is to present long term goals, short term strategies to achieve them, with little to no turnover of personnel. Our missionaries are in your community for the long haul and will strive to build a foundation for ministry for years to come.

Partner with us. With our combined resources and a firm commitment to the Gospel, there is no limit to our reach.

I want a missionary in my community!