Family Dinner is a “non-program program” that inspires openness to the Gospel in an organic way through Christian hospitality and community. It’s mission is to meet neighbors who wouldn’t normally be open to coming to church, give missionary disciples a context to engage the community, and bring people of all walks of life together to enjoy shared truth, beauty and goodness. It is what it’s name suggests, a weekly family style meal hosted by a mission minded household. It is held at a home and open to anyone and everyone in your very own neighborhood.

In 2008, even though there was a bottomless supply of programs and bible studies offered at most churches, Ennie and Cana Hickman recognized that something was still missing. Programs, held in harsh, stale, fluorescent lit rooms on the church property was not the place to evangelize or build community. Not only is it the same people participating in all of these programs, but it is also the same church leaders leading them. There is not a lot of room for young leaders to step up and very few programs that reached the average American family. The “in crowd” culture in our church programs turn most newcomers away. At Family Dinner there is no “in crowd”, and regular dinner-goers understand that it is their duty to welcome and engage those who might be there for the first time.

There is no formal talk at Family Dinner, though conversations around faith and practice arise. There are no icebreakers, though the atmosphere is one of joy and acceptance. Through consistent weekly meals, Family Dinner has provided a “third place” for those looking to belong and to be accepted. We have watched the Lord use this simple meal in miraculous ways, to bring people to the Christian faith, encourage existing faith lives, and build a community that remains and grows.

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So you’ve been to a family dinner, you’ve heard about family dinner, or you are just looking for a way to build community and grow disciples in your own backyard. Becoming a member of the Family Dinner Network sets you up for success to bear fruit that remains in your very own neighborhood among persons that would not typically want to or be able to attend a parish ministry event or group. Fill out the form below and we will be in contact! We are excited about your openness!

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