We’d love to have you.

Calling all adventure seeking followers of Jesus! We’ve got a job for you!

Little pay… but you will have your needs covered.
No benefits… but you will be a part of a community that has your back.
Long hours… but the work bears fruit that remains.

Our career path is not ordinary, it is extraordinary. When you have found that living a life for others is more fulfilling than living a life for yourself, you will find joy in your work. That’s what we are about at Adore Ministries.

Missionaries with Adore go through a rigorous and life changing formation program for eight months before they are assigned a mission field. Missions range from parish youth ministry in an underserved neighborhood to hosting a weekly meal at your home in order to build community in the suburbs.

At Adore Ministries it is less about WHAT we do, as it is WHO we are becoming. We truly believe that when we are growing as missionary disciples our missionary work will bear fruit, fruit that will remain.

I want in!

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