We cannot passively and calmly wait in our church buildings; WE NEED TO MOVE from a pastoral ministry of mere conservation to a decidedly missionary pastoral ministry.

Pope Francis, Evangelium Gaudium

Our Missions are...

an answer to the great need and vision of parishes transformed into authentic communities. At their best, these parishes are realizations of the whole of Adore Ministry's mission. Missionaries assist the pastor by integrating MOMENTS, MOVEMENT, and MISSION together in a way that help the community accompany each other in KNOWING, LOVING, and SERVING God through the sacraments and each other in ordinary life.


High quality program events focused on creating an environment primed for encountering Christ in sacrament and community.

  • Catechesis nights
  • Worship nights
  • Social nights
  • After-school pickup sports


Inspiring the community to begin living their lives as worship to God (based on our Life of Joy) and sharing our ordinary lives with each other. 

Family Dinner... weekly gatherings in the homes of parishioners that become part of the rhythm of life.


Missionaries dedicated to the parish community. Usually serving the youth, but also investing in the community to help coordinate a parish wide grassroots movement towards living life as worship.

  • 1 on 1 Discipleship
  • Youth Catechesis
  • Sacrament Prep


Our aim is not just to transform the culture in these communities, but to remain steadfast in our presence for the long haul and not give up on them. To be with them through thick and thin, good and bad, and show them that life is worth living. By entering into these communities, not just as employees or missionaries, but as authentic and active members of them, our love for them moves beyond superficial. We find our entry into these communities by partnering with local Catholic Churches in need, mainly working with their Jr. High and High School youth, developing relationships and trust with families in the process. When we partner with a parish, not only do we work with the youth, but we eventually start a weekly gathering and continue to do a monthly night of worship for the community in order to more effectively lead the community to worship.

One on one discipleship

Longterm vision maintained across leadership changes

Ongoing accountability, formation, and training of missionaries

Quality control and guidance from experienced missionaries

Integrated professional and spiritual way of life


Following Christ into the margins


It is impossible to persevere in a fervent evangelization unless we are convinced from personal experience that it is NOT THE SAME THING to have known Jesus as not to have known Him, not the same thing to walk with Him as to walk blindly, not the same thing to hear His word as to not know it, and not the same thing to contemplate Him, worship Him, and find our peace in Him as not to. It is not the same thing to try and build the world with His Gospel as to try and do so by our own lights.

Pope Francis, Evangelium Gaudium

Our Missionaries are...

men and women who have a passion for their faith, are willing to venture into the margins to proclaim the Gospel, and live this missional call with boldness and joy. They do this is many ways- by developing a new culture of worship in their specific parish community, coordinating and developing engaging and dynamic programming for youth, walking with youth and families in an intentional model of discipleship and various other ways. Primarily, our missionaries are sent into these communities to help people come to know, love and serve God. Our rule of life helps to keep our missionaries focused on what matters most, as well as living a life of simplicity, boldness and radical authenticity.






The difference...

Ministry is a demanding and often times lonely occupation. Burn out is a real issue with lay ministers in our society. Men and women who signed up to serve find themselves alone in a role, weighed down by administrative duties, and without sufficient support and fellowship needed to continue to give of themselves in the daily grind. Adore Ministries is an intentional fellowship of missionaries designed to continually provide our missionaries the foundation and support needed to continue to "go out".

Formation of the whole person

Integration of the professional and spiritual

Work in a missionary team

Long term accompaniment with those you serve

Guidance from experienced missionaries

Missionaries accompanying missionaries in ministry

Open Positions...





We are all, through the grace of our baptism, called to mission.  How and where we mission though, how do we discern that? Adore Ministries looks to mission in a particular way to those who are often times forgotten, left behind by the models and ministries bearing great fruit in their communities.  In a special way, Adore seeks to walk with those in the margins, the forgotten areas of cities that can neither afford or know where to look for quality catechesis and evangelization. Through our presence and deep investment in these communities, we hope to provide people with the Hope of the Gospel, so that their lives and their communities lives are transformed.  Through our partnership with parishes in these communities, and the ongoing generosity of our financial partners, Adore looks to engage people face to face where they are at and introduce them to the love of Jesus Christ, one day, one person at a time.  

Come and See


Follow Me


Remain in Me


Go Forth 



Come and See

In this primary stage, we focus on intentional invitation to discipleship-based programming and beginning the process of accompaniment. This is our springboard into discipleship, where we begin to walk with people where they are at, with love and joy. This invitation is the introduction to living a life with the Lord.

  • Neighborhood soccer and sports
  • Social nights
  • School lunches
  • etc

Follow Me

Here we focus on reorientation, walking with people through their ups and downs, boldly challenging and sharing life. There is authentic inquiry; doubts and questions are welcomed as a real wrestling with the Gospel occurs.

  • One on one accompaniment
  • Weekly catechesis
  • Retreats

Remain in Me

Deep Sacramental Living, community and consistent prayer are key to an authentic ownership of faith. It is here that the "forever seed" is planted in hearts, echoing the words of Peter "To whom shall we go?". Though often-times mess and faltering occurs, there is no turning back from our Lord.

  • One on one discipleship
  • Going deeper studies

Go Forth

Through training and empowering, there is active involvement in the works of mercy, living a life of beatitude, and transformation of culture. Gifts and charisms are being used to therefore invite others to this life changing encounter.

  • Peer leadership development
  • Opportunities to serve peers and community
  • The challenge to invite

*Process based on "Living as Missionary Disciples" form the Committee on Evangelization and Catechesis, USCCB