In a world where Christian values and Gospel living are increasingly rare, the Lord has inspired a movement of followers that are not only disciples, but are missionary in their way of life. Thinking of others first, the Modern Missionary Disciple lives a life of love, acknowledging that they are first lovable, and that they are called to give love to all they encounter. Jesus reigns in the heart, life and home of Missionary Disciples, and every action flows from that center.

No matter their occupation, their subtle day to day work is missionary in it’s motives, because all things flow back to that real and lasting relationship with Jesus. Ordinary actions with extraordinary love sets the Missionary Disciple apart from a preacher or pastor. Even though some might preach, teach or write, the daily activity of the mission is small, subtle, familial, and action oriented.


Loved – We acknowledge the fact that we are loved beyond measure by our Creator, not because of what we do or how we behave, but because we are His.

Forgiven – Because we know we are His, we experience daily His mercy, when we acknowledge our flaws and sins and return to Him, who is already “running to us.”

Followers – We are not only those who return to the Lord, we listen to His commands, and follow in His footsteps of loving the poor, the marginalized and the underserved. A Disciple follows Jesus.

Communal – As we follow the Lord, we recognize that those who are also following, are walking with us. Community is not built for community’s sake, but as a result of following the Lord, closely.

Merciful – “We are beggars, showing other beggars where to find bread.” NT Wright. We are not better than our brothers and sisters, but called to show mercy as God shows mercy to us. Acknowledging the good, and encouraging purpose in those that we are walking with.

Loving – Willing the good for all who come within our “ten foot radius”, we love indiscriminately those who we come into contact with daily.

Interruptible – We recognize that we live not by our own will, but the will of the Lord. Interruptions are from the Lord and we pay attention to those who He might put in our path, even when it’s inconvenient.

Hospitable – Welcoming the stranger, feeding the hungry, and clothing the naked. When we show hospitality to strangers and friends in our homes, we welcome and serve the Lord.

Joyful – The Gospel is characterized by joy. The Christian disciple can never be a pessimist, for we know that the Lord is leading us and making us all better. The Joy of the Gospel is born from a knowledge that nothing can stop the will of God and if we are with Him, nothing can stand against us.

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