Adore Ministries believes that discipleship looks more like an adventure than a classroom. The roller coaster of life is often terrifying, but it’s a life of joy when it’s lived within community. Our missionaries, partners, and board members are not only disciple makers, but they themselves are being discipled in the ways of authenticity, hospitality, mercy, joy and freedom. Our weekly family dinners are central to this movement.

The Modern Missionary Disciple

In a world where Christian values and Gospel living are increasingly rare, the Lord has inspired a movement of followers that are not only disciples, but are missionary in their way of life.

Family Dinner

Family Dinner is a “non-program program” that inspires openness to the Gospel in an organic way through Christian hospitality and community.

Rule of Life

This is our rule of life. This is not an exhaustive list of disciplines or a legal vow of moral gravity. It is intended to be a framework for staying “connected to the vine” in order that we may “bear great fruit.”